Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Water Damage

These homeowners suffered from a bathtub that overflowed because of their young son who turned it on to take a bath and then became distracted and forgot. The w... READ MORE

Bathroom Before & After

This bathroom in Moorpark, CA had massive water damage in their bathroom due to a pipe that had burst underneath the floor and was causing the tile to crack. It... READ MORE

Unknown Water Damage

Detecting water damage can be a difficult task as often water damage losses don’t become evident right away. In fact, most of them exist over a prolonged ... READ MORE

Water Damage: Laundry Room

Washer and dryer overflows are not uncommon in the SERVPRO world. While it is a nuisance it's not something that we can't handle. In the before picture it is ha... READ MORE

Before & After: Wet Carpets

It's never fun when you unexpectedly step on wet carpet. But you can always trust SERVPRO of Studio City/Valley Village to get rid of the damp carpet and remove... READ MORE

Hidden Water Damage

When the bathtub above this closet overflowed the homeowners didn't notice the water damage until a few days later. They immediately called SERVPRO of Studio Ci... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damage

Got a call from a new homeowner saying that her floors were soaked and she didn't know what to do. We had our emergency crew come out within the hour and found ... READ MORE