Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rain, Rain Go Away

Not all roofs are in mint condition and sometimes that means when storms hit they take the roof with it. SERVPRO takes care of any of your storm damages when they appear. 

Makeshift Roof

Until you can get a professional roofer out to your company, SERVPRO has all the tricks to stop storms from entering into your home unannounced. Storm damages don't happen often but when they do we want to make sure all our clients are prepared. 

High Winds & Storm Damage

While we may not experience a lot of storm damages but when the Santa Ana winds come through it can be destructive for homeowners. Roofs are an important part of home structures, SERVPRO can be there for all your storm damages.

Protect Your Ceiling

Storms nine times out of ten will always take out your roof first. If your roof and ceiling aren't ready for a storm prepare for storm damages to have some unwanted damages. 

Storm Damage

SERVPRO is your storm emergency destination, when the rains hit hard in Southern California floods of calls came in about roofs leaking. Once the rain was able to calm down a little bit we were able to get crews out to fix the problem temporarily for customers. 

Mud In Your House?

Rain is rare in SoCal but so is mud in your home! Here you can see this homeowners closet is caked in mud from the rain that crept into his home.