Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Restoration

Even commercial properties can suffer from water and mold damage too! At SERVPRO we understand how imperative it is for businesses to be back up and running properly when affected by these circumstances. 

Commercial Water Loss: Library

This school's library suffered a large water damage and called on SERVPRO of Studio City/Valley Village to remediate the damage. We were able to save most books and shelving units from damage and kept part of the library open for students to still use while in school for the rest of the year. 


Crews unloading equipment to be placed in hundreds of rooms spanning over the Ojai Valley Inn. Air scrubbers are used to help regulate the air and with how bad the air quality was in Ojai it was needed through out the Inn. Filters were changed regularly to keep a constant upgrade of air until it was safe to breathe in the air without wearing a mask. 

Commercial Restoration Team

Our technicians are the pride and joy of our company. Every single one of them puts forth their best foot every time they are in the field and make SERVPRO the white glove restoration company we are meant to be. You can see here they are all wearing proper PPE for the job and take the work very seriously. 


Our Large Loss Response Team was onsite with our green SERVPRO tent, waters, and supplies for anyone entering the building. We were able to be a point of reference for anyone on site and a great place to meet out of the sun and away from all the damage. 

Large Loss Restoration Team

If your business ever experiences a water/fire/storm/mold damage and you're worried about finding a company large enough SERVPRO of Studio City/Valley Village is a Large Loss Response Team and is more than equipped to handle your job in a timely manner. 

Commercial Large Loss

As a Large Loss Destination we are able to get to clients in other territories when jobs are on a larger scale. This is a retail store that we were on site for and were able to help out a neighboring SERVPRO.

Commercial Water Damage

This commercial building suffered a huge loss from a broken pipe that burst in the middle of the night and no one was able to attend to it until the next morning.